Enable contactless purchase, instant redemption and support with NFC

Use NFC tags and in-person micro-interaction to bring your consumer technology to life. With instant redemption, quick start guides, video engagement, and technical support, Spring can help you drive contactless consumer experiences.

On pack.

Enable instant contactless purchases with the tap of a phone. Upsell add-ons, provide instant show and tell, and share promotional videos and product demos. Sell more, sell faster, and encode with unique retailer URLs.

SPRING Hex mobile phone quickstart copy

Upsell support.

The installation of any technology requires a lot of hand-holding and expensive customer care and technical support tickets. Connect Springs to Livechat, video guides, and technical support to provide a fantastic experience while avoiding the associated costs.

SPRING Hex tech support copy

Onboarding success.

The quality of business technology is only as good as the onboarding that goes with it. Manage in-person training, enable frictionless product sales, and more.

SPRING Hex laptop guide copy

Spring can be used in a variety of ways, from accepting payments to sharing content. Simply create a landing page on our platform or redirect to your own landing page to get instant mobile browser content.

  • Manufacturer

    Ensure users have access to support and set-up guides through Spring. Weave use cases, expert advice and virtual assistance into the consideration phase. It's not just at point of purchase - much of the commercial opportunity sits with enhanced products, applications, add-ons and services. Reduce reliance on paper manuals, improve user experience and product adoption outcomes.

  • Consumer

    Get on-product or display demos to bring the tech to life. Easy set-up video, live chat and up-to-date digital guides. Preview what's new and upgrade remotely. Get instant support with virtual chat Spring.

  • Retailer

    Support sales to existing and new clients with in-location advertising. Drive consumers through packaging, in-store and through displays.

    Get deeper data into how and when your products are used, what are the challenges clients face when interacting with features and deeper analytics.