Boost readership, ad spend and manage access to paywall content

Assign any media for instant, dynamic interaction with NFC and consumer mobile devices. Publishing. Gaming. Interactive media. Film. Music. Podcasts.

New interactive spaces, new fans.

Combine an eye-catching Spring with the commercial benefits of a digital paywall to get the best of both worlds.

SPRING Hex train newspaper copy


With a Spring, you can increase paywall sales. Our simple link management system allows you to test various promotions, offers, and incentives.

SPRING Hex office wall multiple copy

Location-specific and data-driven content will continue to have an impact on the media and entertainment industries. Engage business travellers and coffee shop visitors in different ways.

  • Publishers and broadcasters

    Publish multi-media content - long reads, video and audio content can be published across any location. Improve targeted ad spend with location-specific audiences and content and link Out of Home springs with tangible digital clicks. Use Apple App clips to push users into apps with a couple of clicks.

  • Media buyers and PR

    Drive engagement in events from Formula 1, London Fashion Week or Cannes.

  • Entertainment and Gaming

    Link to trailers, audio, shows and YouTube content from a product display, train, a park bench or a bus stop.