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Customise contactless products to reach the right people, take payments, mobile services and advertising.

Touchpoints for taking contactless payments

Here's a guide to taking mobile contactless payments with NFC and QR.

Deliver mobile services on the go

Spring connects your products and services to contactless paypoints and create impactful payment journeys with micropages.

Use Cases & Applications


The Spring family of connected NFC cards, tags and wearables adds tap-and-go connectivity to many electronic devices.

The pros and cons of contactless cards vs digital wallet cards

Take 2 minutes to learn more about Spring solutions

Choosing the right proximity technology

Review the different ways to deliver proximity solutions with established and tested technology.

USE CASE Proximity mobile marketing

Mobile first with omni-channel RFID, NFC and QR. Indoors, outdoors, and on the go.

RFID & NFC Guides

Choosing the right NFC in 2023

Ask the right questions to kick start your proximity technology project.

RFID Technology in Healthcare: An Overview

RFID and digital ID for healthcare and pharmaceuticals for better patient outcomes.

NFC Smart Card Buyers Guide

How to order loyalty, membership, Identification and door access key NFC smart cards.

Is this the correct chip for my use case or application?

Access RFID chip feeatures in line with your connectivity and smart requirements.

Spring RFID is everywhere

An overview of the industries, use cases and impact of connected products and RFID, Digital wallet and NFC management solutions.

Regulations and compliance related to RFID

Build RFID standards, guidelines or specifications for product development and use into your project.

Mitigate RFID and NFC risks

What can go wrong with RFID?

RFID Data and Delivery

Managing data in omni channel RFID automation. 5 Data and Analytics Actions For Your RFID Innovation.

RFID Buyers Guide

The 8-Step Guide to Successful Adoption RFID & NFC Planning


Download User Guide

Download our guide on how to set up a campaign, upload data and connect to NFC and QR products.

How to order bulk NFC business cards

Deliver and manage enterprise grade NFC business cards at volume.

Delivering pay per view for media and sports

Capture pay as you go fans, offer alternatives of streaming and meet the needs of mobile users.

Quick start guide

Guide to help create a Spring campaign, pilot a connected product or trial the platform.

Choose the right connected product

Review your options of product type, materials, sizes and use cases.

Choose the right plan

Choose what works for you with a breakdown of regular subscription features. Learn more about enterprise, agency and partner accounts.

‘Start a campaign’ checklist

In just a few minutes, a Spring campaign can be created and activated. You don't need designers or developers because our builders will do everything for you.

Data Encoding RFID products

How will I be able to identify data on individual products with variable data encoding?

When we manufacture your product, we can encode an identifiable code. At production, we scan the Unique IDentifer (UID) from each unit and provide you with an Excel spreadsheet of the scan. Once you have supplied us with the above information, it can be printed on products or included in the data.

User Management

What user rights are available for NFC campaigns?

The different user levels and what they can do.

What to communicate with NFC business card users

The Spring platform has automated emails to help you communicate with your team about their smart business cards.

Customer Support

Do you offer express service?

How quickly we process your order.

How to raise a support ticket?

Here to help when you need it.

Do you offer a managed service for NFC projects?

The services to make your NFC projects run brilliantly.

Campaign Guides

Take instant revenue with in-location proximity touchpoints

Increase revenue with simple to deploy payment campaigns across SMS, e-commerce, email, in-store, at events, on street or on product.

Create smart business cards with NFC and QR

A guide to smart NFC business cards to let your team share bio details. Go paperless.

Importing data into a campaign

The steps you need to download data and a downloadable data import csv file.

How do I create a mobile landing page?

Use pre-designed themes, build from blocks or get a custom hard-coded landing page.

How do I change a link on a mobile landing page?

How to edit the links on a pre-existing mobile landing page.

Best practice for QR codes

When and how to get the best from QR codes, QR code design on connected products and how to create bulk QR codes in campaigns.

Payment Guides

How payment links work

Link Stripe, Square, Paypal, Zettle, Worldpay, Adyen for Buy now, pay later or subscriptions.

How do Spring process my payments

What happens to payments that are processed through Spring.

Technical Data Sheets

What type of smartphones are compatible with NFC?

NFC functionality will depend on your generation of iPhone and the software you are running. Find out more.

How NFC works

We'll take you through the basics and steps to adopting NFC.

Security and GDPR with Spring

An overview on how we approach security and GDPR.

NFC chip specification

Find out about theNFC chips used in Spring contactless products.


Tell me about shipping

Where and how we ship contactless products in the UK, Europe and globally.

Contactless Product

How to customise a connected product?

Create unique branded NFC and QR products for any use and every location.

What devices does NFC work with?

What are NFC business cards?

How soon can I get my connected products delivered?

How do I add a payment link?

How do I redirect a Spring to my webpage or app?

What is tap and go technology?

Do connected products need a battery?

How do I know which plan to use?

How secure is NFC?

Can Spring integrate with my existing POS?

What connected product is best for my contactless payments?

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