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NFC chip Q Rcode bespoke printed business cards listing image card mobile landing page

QR Code and NFC chip Business Card

Bespoke printed QR code and NFC chip business cards which link to editable mobile landing page, with photo, bio, contact information, social links and vCard download capabilities.

Available in rounded square or rectangle format, with material and print finish options.

20 cards from £248.40

Area tag launching mobile page in users device tech already embedded in phones

Area tag, QR code and NFC

A self-adhesive hexagonal tag designed for any space.

Available in three sizes 50mm, 75mm and 100mm.

20 tags from £249.40

Product listing image 1 Token spring


Great for sharing gift vouchers, NFTs and crypto.

Our signature shape, available as 50mm.

20 tokens from £248.00

Spring qr code nfc enabled key fob carry a connection with you Token spring

Key fob

A durable tag to easily drive sign ups and engagement.

Available in recycled plastic or wood material.

20 key fobs from £245.20

Sticker on mobile device

Phone tag

Scan QR and make an instant payment.

One size, available in rounded square format.

20 units from £249.00


Our sustainable card range

Choose from our three options:

Recycled Plastic


When exposed to light, air, moisture and microbes


For strength, it is made from a premium grade wooden sheet. Printed on both sides


No two cards are the same


Even if they get wet, the print is sealed so it will still look its best

Sustainability credentials

our eco rating


Hardwood and 2% paper


Months life cycle


Certified wood


Recycled content


Recyclable & Biodegradable


Two choices.
Endless options.

Choose QR code, NFC or both

Use dynamic QR codes and NFC technology to connect the physical and digital worlds. Both are fitting for our mission to decrease e-waste and make sure we produce technology that won't be around for decades.

Why dynamic QR code?

A dynamic QR code can be changed at any time to a different location. It gives you all the flexibility you require and is perfectly suited to life's little changes.

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Why renewable NFC?

The entire card can be recycled in a standard paper stream.

A silver conductive ink is used to print the antenna. When the paper is recycled, the silver ink and smaller RFID chip are removed as part of the de-inking process, ensuring closed loop recycling and keeping cards out of landfills.

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RFID Retail hang tag

Take shoppers to online shopping, loyalty or special offers with QR and NFC retail hang tags.

RFID Equipment tag

On a roll for high volume production with highly durable materials for all environments. 

RFID On Product tag

Take consumers to new products with high volume NFC and QR tags.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards for invaluable transactional and personal data,  boosting basket value and fostering engagement.

Membership Cards

Membership cards for access control and identification, as well as improve customer communication and loyalty. 

Staff ID and Smart Business Cards

Global enterprises rely on us for on-demand services for staff identification, smart business cards, visitor 

Conference and Event badges

Event companies and Agencies requiring high quality event badges, festival wristbands, and wearables, conferences, and stadiums.