A number of factors influence how you set up a payment spring. To begin, contact your payment provider to learn how to create a link.

E-commerce and online stores

You have the option of linking to your online store or creating a single page for a single product. Here are instructions for setting up a payment link with some well-known service providers;

Stripe - Use Payment Links to sell online without a website. Create a full payment page in just a few clicks and share the link with your customers - no code required.

Square - Set Up Touch Free Checkout Using Payment Links.

One-off payments

Is it a one-off purchase or a recurring purchase? If it's a recurring purchase, you can set up a payment page with your payment provider.

If you want to set up an individual payment link - Paypal have a service called Paypal.Me where you can set up individual amounts for payment for one-off transactions.

Zettle - If you want to make a sale but your customer isn’t physically with you, generate a one-time link via the Zettle app that you can send to your customer by text message, Whatsapp, social media or email.

Once you have a payment link (URL), head to the Spring platform and either include it in a landing page or redirect to your payment page, e-commerce site or booking page.

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