1. Start with the card design. We can do recycled plastic, Pulper, wood or metal. Now use the artwork guidelines to create print ready artwork. We'll prepare a quote for print production.

Example print order:

Quantity: xx units. Material: recycled plastic. Finishes: Matt. Spot gloss on logo. Rounded corners. Size: 54x86mm Technology: NFC & QR. Add Personalised with name and job title. Embed URL: Assigned at production. QR code: standard black QR code.

2. Contact sales. We'll sign you up to the bulk platform and you can create a test bio page. It will generate a URL. see example 5670.springme.to/E7cqW

Choose from free standard templates. Or we can build bespoke templates. Please review if additional fields are required.

3. Campaign activation - please determine whether you want a self service or managed service. For self-serve, use the helpful guides. We can run training for your team or with a managed service, we can set up your campaigns.

4. Print production - we have provided an estimate. Please clarify for accurate quote.

5. Ongoing management Please review ‘self serve’ edit process for end users.

End user Edit:

Step 1. Go to https://oomph.springmeto.com/edit.

Step 2. Enter details.

Step 3. Automated email sent. Click on link to edit page.

Alternatively, with a managed service, we can provide an email for users to request changes.

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