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NFC Card buying Guide Steps for success in enterprise deployment

What is NFC?

Short-range wireless connectivity technology works when two devices are brought close together, so unlike Bluetooth (BLE), unintentional reading or collision is almost impossible. What’s more, it is unique in the way it uses energy. Only one of the two devices needs to be powered an interaction to take place. The first can power the second, so the second can save its battery for other things – or not have a battery at all. NFC offers both one and two-way communication. A hotel door lock is a great example of this as its signal powers the chip inside the Hotel Key Cards to let you into your room.

How does NFC technology work?

NFC-equipped smartphones and other devices can exchange data with each other with a simple tap or wave using a High Frequency (HF) 13.56 MHz radio wave. You may have made a contactless payment with your bank card or even Apple Pay, it’s all possible thanks to NFC. Gone are the days of having to scan a barcode or swipe a magnetic stripe, it’s all done automatically.

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Proximity Technology in Focus

Download Spring NFC Buyers Guide
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