Spring let’s you take payments through a dynamic URL and microsite platform using QR and NFC technology to enable touchpoints quickly and affordably. 

Mobile payments are powered by Stripe. Take payments for products and services, streaming, subscriptions and tickets from any location. 

Our connected products - A connected product is a Near Field Communications (NFC) and/or QR Tag composed of environmentally friendly materials that can be attached to any surface. When tapped or scanned with a mobile phone, it directs a user to a landing page or divert it to a URL. The great part is that you can keep it up to date at any time. Low-cost, easy-to-install and activated in minutes. 

Our proprietary platform - behind every connected product is the unique platform to create, customise and manage  campaigns with no developer or designers required.   

With URL management, creative tools to customise connected products, landing page builder and templates,  link automation software and eye-catching tech. 

Boost revenue through contactless payments and digital services for mobile users. 

For proximity payments and on demand services

For retailers, hospitality, stadiums, events, art galleries.

Use: To take contactless and mobile payments.

  • Utilise global fraud protection through payment links from Stripe, Adyen, Worldpay, Paypal and more. 

  • Contactless point of sale

  • No code solution

  • No integration required

  • No payment terminal charges

Type: For mobile order and pay, promotions, loyalty, online stock, custom product pricing, showrooms.

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